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Our primary focus is in Direct Marketing firms, and Environmental Conservation Companies. We create opportunity for Entrepreneurs to scale the ladder in a pace you choose. Work hard with unlimited income potential, while training to become your own Corporate leader if that's what you seek; We offer the ability to work canvassing, big commission check jobs, or work Event Marketing campaigns inside some of the Nation's largest retailers. 

WORK FOR A CAUSE - Environmental Conservation + Direct Marketing increases the sales and awareness of Renewable Energy Companies | Natural Gas | Wind Generated Energy | Residential & Community Solar, and more | Companies, and LEADERS that we need in order to be a Cleaner, GREENER planet. OUR MISSION is to help create an ENTIRE WORLD RUNNING ON RENEWABLE ENERGY AND RESOURCES.

Interested in BRAND REPRESENTATION? We can have you PROMOTING In-store campaigns for Fortune 500 brands and businesses. Think brand ambassador work, and lead generation but not necessarily sales; You're collecting contacts in-person, in-store -- Getting paid hourly and commission for LEADS.

Interesting in canvassing positions, and large commission checks through Residential and Commercial Solar Sales Contracts? Renewable Energy and Electricity? Wind Generated Energy?

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Interested in Representing Fortune 500 brands through IN-STORE campaigns? Apply today | Hourly | Bonuses & Commissions | Paid Vacations | Meals

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