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Wendy Marie, now based in Charleston, SC worked self employed doing trade shows, event management, and brand ambassador work since the age of fourteen years old; Moving throughout six states, and twelve cities, she was determined for success in overcoming many obstacles as a teen, and choosing to have a child young. She gained life experience with a variety of jobs, as well as her self employment marketing work; From retail in New York to gyms and restaurants in Atlanta, to running a swim school in Miami, to the marketing director of a National firm in Tampa, FL; She has found herself dipping her feet in a little bit of everything. Why? She felt as if it were the only way to figure out what she really loved to do. She studied a Bachelors in Business, New Media and Internet Marketing with Purdue University until she dropped out of school to start her own official marketing business in 2019, integrating the fifteen years of versatile marketing she's gained through self employment, her experience working as a National marketing director for a large firm, and with what she learned in school. She started posting as an Influencer in 2020, and by 2022 she was able to work from her laptop, and phone full time. WM Media Operating under a few DBA's, and LLC this Nationwide Content & Experiential Marketing Agency is a private company, founded, and owned solely by her. 


She has a team of two that supplies jobs for many free-lancers, and contractors across the Nation with a mission to expand International, and grow her personal team for her private agency. With a focus in Content Creation, and Lead Generation for Direct Marketing Firms; Revolving around Green Energy | Sports | Fashion we have represented 1000's of Individuals, Small Businesses, and Fortune 500 Companies combined since we opened. Our goal is to expand our services Internationally, all the while growing our community @wmnetworkk Bringing Community Together, Creating Opportunity | Wendy Marie is both a Mindset-Creator Influencer, and an Addiction Awareness/POVS Influencer. She is also a free-lance, National Model and Trade Show Model not currently signed with any agencies but works with many. She has walked for OFW, Miami Swim Events, filmed with Telemundo Miami TV, and more.


She is also seen doing work as a Trade Show Model, and Brand Ambassador with many brands and businesses from NASCAR, Booze Pops, College football teams, National liquor companies, various sports promotions, NFL, MLB, and more. She spends her free time raising her beautiful family, traveling, working out, and cooking Gluten Free, Nut Free as she is a mom to an allergy, and asthma child. Changing lives starts with one person, and one business at a time; As she quotes "How You Feed Your Mind, Life Will Follow" -



(14k) Mindset Creator      

(42k) National Model, Addiction Awareness & POVS @justaladywithvisionn       

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"Bringing Community Together, Creating Opportunity both in person, and virtually"

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