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"As a Versatile Marketing Guru for twelve years, from Self Employed Event Marketing and Management to Trade Shows, Demos, Affiliate, Influencer and Sponsorships, International Brand Representation, and more --- I felt empowered to create something bigger; I studied three years of college in a BA-Digital Marketing and New Media, all the while working as a Marketing Manager for a Direct Marketing firm, as well as continuously pursuing my self employed marketing ventures, and other self employed work to pay the bills.


From International Brands and Businesses, NFL, MLB, College football, and more all throughout the six states and twelve cities I'd moved to. I later dropped out of college to launch my own Digital business, and opened DBA WM MEDIA in 2019. Since then we have represented various Fortune 500 - Small Businesses in the United States with a focus in Direct Marketing | Environmental Conservation | Sports | Fashion/Entertainment" - Wendy, Owner/Senior Partner, WM MEDIA


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